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Vi har satt noen fotavtrykk ute i verden

The Sunday Times
Treat every role like it’s your first

Ladies Drive
Norwegisches pionier-modell kommt in die Scweitz

De selger norsk likestilling

The Times
Slowly but surely, top companies keep hammering at glass ceiling

The Hindu / Business Line

Glass ceiling in corporate Europe

NRK Søndagsrevyen
Må være mer pågående

Kvinne-boom i britiske styrer

BBC World News

“Thinking Big: A Woman’s Place is in the Boardroom”

Financial Times

Female talent takes to the boards

Financial Times:
Skirting the boards

The Times
Women ready to break into the boardroom

On 17th November event, interviewing Glen Moreno, Sir Peter Bonfield and David Tyler

Birmingham Post
Women in the boardroom: It's not just about quotas
Interview with Jane Scott

BBC Radio 4
Forty Percent Female
Peter Day talks to Elin and UK leaders about why there should be more women on UK boards

How Women Are Getting On European Boards (And Why U.S. Companies Should Care)
Journalist Judy Dobrzynski interviewed Elin Hurvenes on 15th December 2009

The New York Times

In Europe, Women Finding More Seats at the Table

The New York Times
Advertise on Women take their place on corporate boards

New York-based journalist Judith H. Dobrzynski
Women Directors on Corporate Boards - the Norwegian Case
interviews Elin Hurvenes for the Salzburg Global Seminar

Other Media

BBC World News TV documentary
"Thinking Big - A Woman's Place is in the Boardroom" featured Elin Hurvenes talking about her work in Norway. 12th September 2009

BBC News Hour interviews Elin Hurvenes about gender balance in the board room.26th October 2009

Corporate Board Member Magazine
Jan/Feb 2009 issue: (For Fortune 500 board members): Journalist John Greenwald writes about the Professional Boards Forum and the future challenges for US corporate boards.

Dutch journalist Ariane Kleijwegt in Het Financieel Dagbald writes about “The Norwegian Experiment”

Europen Staff Writer Michel Kerres of NRC Handelsblad in Rotterdam visits Norway to interview Elin and women board members “Macht Aan de Vrouwen” – Power to the Women

Journalist Elsbeth Stoker in De Volkskrant writes about “Noorse Vrouwen”

Bureau Chief Kimiko Aoki of Japanese Broadcasting Corporation visits a Professional Boards Forum event in Oslo as part of documentary about women on European boards (Screened 12th and 16th December 2008).

TVM6 “Capitale” Elin Hurvenes and the Professional Boards Forum feature in documentary about the consequences of the Norwegian Quota law. (Screened on TVM6 12th November 2006).

16th September 2004 – The first Professional Boards Forum makes the national evening news (NRK1)

26th September 2005 – The Professional Boards Forum makes the national evening news (TV2)

In addition there have been numerous newspaper and magazine articles and interviews and other TV appearances since the launch of the Professional Boards Forum in 2003.


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